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Tenenbaum Law Group

Gunshot Wound

Tender of $300,000.00 Policy Limit after client was accidentally shot in a home and suffered a gunshot wound as a result of a bullet being lodged through a wall

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Cyclist Injury

Client suffered multiple fractures as a result of an inexperienced cyclist snagging the tire of our Client, for which a $101,000.00 Policy Limit was tendered

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Car Collision

Tender of a $110,000.00 Policy Limit when Client was the victim of a T-Bone collision, when they were driving down a highway and a car disregarded a stop sign on a side road, causing a fractured sternum

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Pedestrian Injury

An elderly woman, who relied on an assisted walking device, left her hotel to get her car. While she was crossing the parking lot, she was hit by a livery vehicle, resulting in a fractured arm and hand.

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Dog Bite Injury

Client was the victim of a dog bite injury while walking her dog through a park.

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