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Attorney Services near Deerfield.

Personal Injury

Since 1999, the Chicagoland lawyers at Tenenbaum Law Group have been aggressively fighting to help and obtain justice for injured persons and their loved ones, throughout the State of Illinois, in a very compassionate and personal manner.  Utilizing our extensive and proven knowledge and resources acquired during our more than twenty-five years of combined experience practicing personal injury law, our team of experienced lawyers provides the dedication necessary to successfully litigate your claim and obtain maximum compensation, whether through comprehensive settlement negotiations or a jury verdict after a trial. 

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Real Estate

Buying and/or selling a home becomes the important decision that many people make in their lifetimes, and with importance comes financial and contractual complexity. In any residential real estate transaction, both sides: buyers and sellers must review many documents, including legally binding documents that require signatures.  Legal advice from an attorney practicing residential real estate can help brining your financial risk to the minimum and therefore becomes the most important first move as you begin your property purchase negotiations after the contract is accepted by the Seller and is fully executed.

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If our clients find themselves in the unfortunate situation of potential or pending lawsuits, liens, vehicle repossession, wage garnishment, or home foreclosure, Tenenbaum Law Group can find the best option to help eliminate debt immediately.

We will STOP those harassing phone calls, legal proceedings, prevent repossession and stay foreclosure of your home. Tenenbaum Law Group will provide you with the top quality legal advice and representation you need in debt negotiation, credit card debt relief, bankruptcy filing (we only file and represent clients in connection with Chapter 7 bankruptcy), and foreclosure defense representation, if applicable.

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Family Law

In making legal decisions that will affect you and your family, you need to have confidence in your attorney.  At Tenenbaum Law Group, we aim to provide powerful support to obtain successful results with compassionate legal assistance.  Our attorneys and support staff work patiently and closely with our clients in these often traumatic times in their lives.

Where appropriate, we work to resolve the matters by reaching an agreement prior to proceeding to court, as we understand that swift and amicable resolutions are both more efficient and less emotionally and financially damaging to all parties involved.

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If homeowners for various reasons miss a couple of mortgage payments, they may find themselves defending legal foreclosure proceeding initiated by their lender.  Once served with foreclosure complaint, THE WORST THING THAT ONE CAN DO IS TO DO NOTHING.  Too many people hope that the problems will disappear on their own and, the next thing they know, the bank owns the house.  You cannot afford to wait as there is limited time to fight foreclosure proceedings once the process begins.  Having an attorney on your side means keeping your house for substantially longer time compared to just losing it.

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Transportation and Trucking Litigation

At Tenenbaum Law Group, we represent numerous transportation companies and process transportation and trucking claims and lawsuits. Our work for transportation and trucking clients includes, without limitation, handling of the following matters:
49 U.S.C. §14706 “Carmack” Claims (Statute of Limitation currently 2 years from rejection of the load), Declaratory Judgment for coverage under an insurance policy, Premium Audits, MCS-90 Litigation, Stock Purchase Agreement, Business dissolution, shareholders’ disputes, and business bankruptcy.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning ensures your loved ones are provided for, your debts are paid, and your assets are distributed according to your exact wishes. We can assist with: Wills — Our estate planning attorneys will help you draft a valid and effective will that formalizes your intentions for the distribution of your assets and names an appropriate executor to carry out your instructions. We also help clients change wills when circumstances, relationships or priorities change. Wills must go through the probate process, which could take 1-3 years and is public record. […]

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Probate is a court-supervised procedure that helps to guarantee the legal transfer of assets from the deceased to the rightful heirs or beneficiaries. Probate in the State of Illinois is necessary if someone has over $100,000.00 in total assets or real property, and if someone does not have an alternative estate plan (like a trust) in place in order to avoid probate. It is often recommended to avoid probate if possible due to the costly, public, and time-consuming nature of the process, but if you are now in a situation […]

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