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Transportation and Trucking Litigation

At Tenenbaum Law Group, we represent numerous transportation companies and process transportation and trucking claims and lawsuits.  Our work for transportation and trucking clients includes, without limitation, handling of the following matters:

  • 49 U.S.C. §14706 “Carmack” Claims (Statute of Limitation currently 2 years from rejection of the load)
  • Declaratory Judgment for coverage under an insurance policy.
  • Premium Audits
  • MCS-90 Litigation
    • Claim for settlement/judgment of a non-covered loss under the MCS-90 provision read into all trucking liability policies
  • Stock Purchase Agreement (DOT numbers typically involved)
  • Business dissolution, shareholders’ disputes, and business bankruptcy
  • Claims under Truth-in-Leasing Act
    • Claims under 49 CFR § 376.12 claim on a truck lease based upon percentage of Bill of Lading
    • Leases must have statutory language and the authorized carrier must provide backing for the payments and deductions
    • Claims including a Count for Accounting
Litigation Litigation

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