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Buying and/or selling a home becomes the important decision that many people make in their lifetimes, and with importance comes financial and contractual complexity. In any residential real estate transaction, both sides: buyers and sellers must review many documents, including legally binding documents that require signatures.  Legal advice from an attorney practicing residential real estate can help brining your financial risk to the minimum and therefore becomes the most important first move as you begin your property purchase negotiations after the contract is accepted by the Seller and is fully executed.

By hiring S. Aaron Tenenbaum, an experienced attorney who practiced in the field of real estate since 1999 and handled numerous complex situations during ups and downs of market and economy, will get you the peace of mind you deserve.  S. Aaron Tenenbaum will represent your best interests on every stage of the transaction, he will review all important documentation, write necessary modifications, request critical extensions, protect integrity of your contract and earnest funds, and advocate for you at the closing.

Even what appears to be an anticipated smooth closing transaction may have a lot of uncertainties, and S. Aaron Tenenbaum will handle the situation with confidence and provide valuable legal advice.  Here are just a few sample questions that our clients often present:

  • Can one safely back out of the Contract once it has been fully executed?
  • What terms of the Contract are negotiable?
  • What is a home inspection contingency and what option are best for the clients?
  • What is a Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement, and what should be included there?
  • What if one does not want to deposit too much earnest money?
  • What if one really wants to buyer certain property but has not yet sold an existing house?
  • What is a mortgage contingency and how its various stages affect your transaction?
  • What is title insurance and what encumbrances will affect ownership of the property?
  • What are the survey defects?
  • What are the common pitfalls encountered by “for sale by owner” sellers?
  • What is the best way to handle sensitive issues such as mold, radon or lead?
  • What are liquidated damages?
  • What reasonable charges should you expect at the closing?

While Tenenbaum Law Group is in the business of seeing a transaction reach successful completion, in the rare instances of disputes, our real estate clients get benefit of a full-service litigation firm, as Tenenbaum Law Group is prepared to legally contest the issues that otherwise cannot be resolved through negotiation, including breach of contract and earnest money issues.

S. Aaron Tenenbaum is a hands-on one-on-one attorney providing clients with his best efforts and personal attention:

  • Experienced Residential Real Estate Attorney
  • Complete guidance through any real property purchase or sale
  • Sound representation and peace of mind
  • Legally protecting your best interests at the closing table
  • Personal presence at your stress-free closing
  • Competent Full Time Support Staff
  • Prompt electronic communication and electronic file storage
  • Most reasonable flat rate arrangements
  • Face-to-face or remote transactions, per clients’ preferences
  • Focused legal representation for builders and developers
  • Experienced Short Sale specialists
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