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Property Tax Appeals – Cook County

Property taxes in most cases are the second-most expensive item of real property ownership, behind only the financing/mortgage considerations. It is important that taxpayers be able to reasonably anticipate annual real property tax burdens.  Regular reassessments bring the tax rate up, and some homeowners just simply pay it, even if the amount owed this year is higher than it was in the previous year(-s).  However, there are options that one should pursue in order to reduce the property taxes.  For years, Tenenbaum Law Group has been offering knowledgeable legal representation in the area of real property tax appeals throughout Cook County.

While the property taxes are inevitable, the appeal process allows each taxpayer to pay his/her fair share.  Our goal is to appeal the taxes with the Cook County Assessor’s office and the Board of Review to obtain maximum result.  In certain situations, we will also appeal to the Property Tax Appeal Board.  Where warranted, we will file to obtain your certificate of error and receive a refund from Cook County for the prior overpayments of property taxes.

For tax reduction purposes, each property is offered its individual analysis, as contributing factors associated with one appeal may be very different than an appeal from a similarly-situated real property.  Everything needs to be considered: reassessment, renovation, conversion, demolition, transfer in ownership, application of available exemptions, completion of new construction, distressed conditions such as flood, fire, or other damages, prior appeals, to name a few.  It is important to review the latest property assessments, Assessor’s description of the property and elements of the tax bill, which may raise questions about classification levels and differences, equalization factor and variations of tax rates within the Cook County.

We represent individual residential homeowners, builders and property developers, and deal with industrial and commercial assessments.  As we have always represented clients in real estate transactions, we are proud to provide same level of services to both smaller and larger property owners.

Majority of our clients represent the individual residential homeowners for many of whom we did closing transactions since 1999.  When we appeal assessed value of the private residences, we always consider combination of the following approaches: lack of uniformity with similar properties, current market value and appraisal and actual level of assessment applied to such property, incorrect classification or incorrect information about the property, property conditions in terms of damages, and the exemptions.

All tax reduction legal representation is provided on contingency fee basis at a very competitive rate.  There will be no fee unless we successfully obtained a reduction of your assessment and lowered your tax burden.  There is no risk or upfront costs to you.

You can lower your property taxes by successfully reducing your assessed value.  Contact experienced legal team at Tenenbaum Law Group today to secure reduction of your real property taxes.

Property Tax Appeals Property Tax Appeals

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