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Mechanics-Liens Mechanics Liens

Mechanics Liens

Mechanics Lien Act

Protects contractors who furnished labor or material to the property.Protects third parties with interest in real property from having that interest negatively affected by liens of others. Allows sub contractors to act directly against owners personally or against persons when there is no direct contractual relationship. Often affords priority to lien claimants over secured creditors/lenders. Permits the recovery of interest on unpaid amounts running from the due date.
Permits lien holder to foreclose upon and force the sale of the subject property. Stops property owners from refinancing or selling. And MUCH MORE.

To secure strongest possible position, Mechanics Lien Act demand strict compliance. Deal directly with qualified attorney and make sure your lien is properly filed and perfected. We provide full service and protect contractor’s lien right by preparing, filing, negotiating, litigating and releasing your lien. If protection of your lien right requires us to litigate in Court, in many instances we will require no payment unless we recover, you only pay filing fees and costs (typically, about $500).

We have experience in representing builders and personal experience in construction industry.



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